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Chester Virginia May 12, 2009. Jackie Tomlin is a professional psychic reading under the nickname of Ms Swami for several years. On her own website, she offers a variety of formats for readings. To take a look put "Ms Swami" in your search engine.

Jackie has worked as a professional online psychic for several years for various different online psychic services. She works as a clairvoyant, and has a passion for the Tarot, and ghost hunting. She is also the founder of her own paranormal team known as CVAPI.

"I have definitely seen an increase in email and chat readings." "Both formats allow the clients to contact me from work, or while there spouse is at home." "Using these formats, no one has any idea, that they are actually speaking with me." " I have also seen an increase in my international clients using these formats as well."

Jackie also offers a free psychic reading follow up by email to all of her paying clients. This free psychic reading is not limited to just those who call. It is across the board to include email readings and chat readings.

Jackie is also the founder of Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research. She is committed in helping those who are interested in psychic development.

"I believe that most of us carry hidden gifts that we may or may not recognize." "As a group, I have seen some really develop and enhance their gifts." "Some are moving forward and are now comfortable with email and chat readings for their family and friends".

"Email and chat readings are a convenient way for my clients to receive psychic readings when they cannot use the phone, for fear of being overheard." "Chat readings are new to my site, and have taken off very well".

You should keep an eye on the Ms Swami website, as she updates her blog, posts local events, and shares the news of the paranormal.


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